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The Market Scene

The Market Scene

- VR App that Utilizes VAIF for Usability Tests

- Demonstrates VAIF’s Proxemics Initiation

- Implements Gaze Detection Ability from VAIF

Market Scene is a VR application built by ISG that is the first project which uses VAIF as its foundation for building human-ECA interactions within Unity. This experience uses proxemics and gaze detection for user-initiated conversations in single to multi-party situations. For example, Market Scene utilizes VAIF to detect if a user is walking towards a virtual agent(s), and then decides if the user is close enough to begin interaction. This functionality can also be coupled with gaze, so that the user must also be looking at an agent to begin conversations. Thus we take advantage of virtual reality's real world 3d space tracking to give interactive meaning behind user-movement in virtual worlds. These proxemics and gaze features push the user to have the notion that their multimodal actions have rapport building effects with ECAs. For this app, I assisted in integrating VAIF to make the interactions with the ECAs, and I helped make the virtual scene within Unity. Additionally, I fixed various VAIF bugs that were detected from the implementation of VAIF for this project.