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The Boston Massacre History Experience

The Boston Massacre History Experience

- VR App for Education Research

- Uses Companion Pedagogical Agent

- Demoed in Glasgow, Scotland at ICMI 2017

The Boston Massacre History Experience is a virtual reality application that uses a companion pedagogical ECA to help students learn more about the Boston Massacre of 1770. It was created at Interactive Systems Group within the Agent Engagement Team under the leadership of Laura Rodriguez. In this project, I was responsible for making all the scene decorations, implementing ECAs, and fixing bugs within our virtual agent system that were critical to this project. The project was technically challenging due to the pedagogical nature of the main ECA, and also because there were multiple scenarios where the user would be interacting with two or more ECAs thus creating a multiparty interaction. In total, there were seven ECAs that the user could interact with, and over 486 virtual agents in the user could see.  Once finished, a demo paper was written for this project and sent to the International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) 2017. The demo paper was accepted, and I was sent to Glasgow, Scotland, where the conference was held, to demo the project.